Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Whip It Good!

Stayed in Friday, and I was craving for a night out. Sometimes I get homie for about a month and dont mind at all staying in watching movies and eps of my favourite shows and just going out to the movies, theatre or eating. BUT, time had come and I needed to party.

Went to a bar near home to meet a friend, then convinced her to come to this Roller Derby party at Roxy. I really dig Roller Derby and the Facebook event said I was in for some live Roller Derby and nice merchandising. I was hoping to see my Argie Roller Derby team, the Bully Chicks, and probably, also buy a t-shirt of the team. Neither of those things happened.

We arrived holding our breath because we didnt have money for the $30 entry and the list was open till 1.30 AM. We were there late, but got in for free anyway (I wouldnt have paid for that). At the entry this Roller Derby girls were giving lollipops and candy. I could only stare at the Derby Girls with their hideous customes...They had this fluorescent wigs and outfits, going around the place feeling like rockstars. I was trying to figure out if Bully Chicks were one of teams in costumes. And kind of hoped they werent. Had my friend asking one of the Sailor City team girls for the merchandising. The Sailor City seemed super excited. We went to see the merch, which consisted in lots of pins, rulem necklaces, white tee-shirts with the legends: ¨I (heart) Roller Derby" and "I (heart) Derby Girls", which I must say I sort of loved, but were $45 and, I dont know if thats ok for a t-shirt or not, but I wasnt willing to pay for that. The other thing was a Psycho Rollers team tee, so I asked if there were other teams' stuff and said "Do you have any Bully Chicks tees?" To which the girl in charge of the merch responded: "No, thats another league" And I was like: "ANOTHER league?" Howcome there are TWO leagues in one city were Roller Derby has just started? Sounds crazy to me.

Some obvious but still fun and classic tunes were blasting at the place, till this awful rock-rockabilly looking-punk band jumped on stage. Luckily, Roxy has two dancefloors, so we headed to the other one after hearing to three songs of that band. Never knew how they were called. The other dance floor was more poppy/80s/90s, so at least we could have some girly fun. After a while there, my friend wanted to go to the toilet, and like the good girlfriend I am, went with her. Smell in there was hideous, so she didnt go, and the men toilet was guarded by a gorilla in black. Went back to the dance floor, and as Black Eyed Peas was the band of choice at the time, we headed to the now bandless dance floor, where they have more rock/80s(they always have 80s)/punkish music. The Clash, a classic indeed.

Finally, a woman on stage announced the Roller Derby girls and they all gathered to roll around holding each others' waists in a silly little round. No punching, no hardcore rolling, no blood, no shouting, just jolly girls in rollers feeling like their mum came to see their stupid little school act. That lasted about two songs, the third one, which was ACDC, they didnt know what to do anymore so they started jumping together. Some of them didnt know how to jump in rollers so just didnt jump or bended their knees to emulate the bouncing movement. It was a sad circus, if you ask me and thanked the lord I didnt find my team being part of it. Suddenly, Disco 2000 by Pulp started and all I could think about was me missing them at Primavera Sound 2011, where Pulp fans are more than truly grown, eleven years more than truly grown, to be exact. Im not, because they've met by the fountain years before when I became a fan. After a few more songs I knew by heart, I wanted to get the hell out of the nightmare caused by the Drew Barrimore/Ellen Page effect, so I reminded my friend she had work for college. She headed home. I headed to another party where nobody was a poser and booze was way cheaper.